JAPANNEXT JN-IPS3200WQHD is a 32 inches monitor offering a 2560×1440 QHD resolution. It is as much as four times as high a resolution as HD and about 1.8 times FHD(1920×1080). It offers a huge work space, giving you more space to spread out your different windows for more productive multitasking. It is perfect for DTP or CAD software, huge spreadsheets, trading platform or opening several windows at the same time, viewing movie and working other application at the same time etc…

Its liquid crystal 10 bits panel, able to display more than 1.07 billion of colors, offers 64 more colors than a conventional screen, allowing a natural display and a faithful and resplendent reproduction of multimedia content. It is using a IPS-ADS panel offers 178° ultra wide-viewing-angle minimize color shift providing excellent visual performance from any angle. The refresh rate of 60Hz allow reproducing images as best as possible, by supplying fluid and reactive visual effects. Take care of your eyes and body with the low blue light mode and flicker-free technology helps reducing the eye strain, eye damage, headaches and sleeping disorder. Simple but elegant design with metallic stand and ultrathin ( 9.5mm the thinnest ) design, it also have very slim frame ( less than 1cm ) and VESA compatibility, making it perfect for multi-screen use.

Extremely high pixel density

With a QHD resolution at 32″ screen size, JN-T280UHD as a pixel density of 93 pixels-per-inch (PPI), that is 177% the pixel density of standard Full HD monitors, providing astonishingly clarity and sharpness for crystal-clear visuals.

178° ultra wide-viewing-angle IPS-ADS panel

JN-IPS3200WQHD with his IPS-ADS panel offers 178° ultra wide-viewing-angle minimize color shift providing excellent visual performance from any angle, making it great for work with multiple looking at the screen from different angle.

sRGB 98% color range

JAPANNEXT JN-IPS3200WQHD offers a wonderful range of 98% sRGB colors with QHD resolution to deliver impressive, crisp and clear lifelike picture quality.

10BIT / 1.07Billion color Panel

With a 10 bit and 1.07 billion colors display, JAPANNEXT JN-IPS3200WQHD gives you as much as 64 times more color than conventional monitors, enabling smoother transition between different color tones, enabling richer, natural looking, extremely detailed realistic content

Smooth 60Hz Refresh Rate

JN-IPS3200WQHD delivers a refresh rate of 60hz to produce better, judder, smooth images by minimizing input latency and image tearing, providing fluid and responsive visuals

*For more details about refresh rate and response time please refer to the technical specification sheet.

Flicker-free technology and Low-Blue-Light mode

Flicker-Free technology reduces flicker for a more comfortable and safe viewing experience. It also has a “Low-Blue-Light” mode reducing harmful blue light. These technologies help minimize damaging ailments such as eyestrain especially when spending countless hours in front of a display for working or pleasure.

Ultra thin and elegant design

At his thinnest

the monitor is

only 9.5mm wide

Bezel is less than 1cm wide

100x100mm VESA mount compliant

The JN-IPS3200WQHD is 100x100mm VESA mount compliant and with his ultra-slim bezel ( less than 1cm ) it makes it perfect for multi-monitor use.

Easy to use for Mac user

JN-IPS3200WQHD packing include one DP to Mini-DP (same shape as thunderbolt) cable. The monitor itself has a DP port (Displayport) and a Mini-DP port, making it easy to use for Mac owners. Also, many new notebook computer / tablet computer such as Microsoft SURFACE have Mini-DP port. As soon as you receive your new JN-IPS3200WQHD you don’t need to buy anything else, you can use it right away.

Enhanced connectivity interface

You can connect various devices, not only computer but also various of AV such as Digital TV tuner, HDD recorder, TV box, game console, Smartphone etc… with just one cable as JN-IPS3200WQHD as multiple connectors.

*DP, HDMI, Mini-DP are compatible with HDCP.

2 x HDMI

1 x VGA (Analog RGB)

1 x DisplayPort

1 x Earphone output

1 x Min-DP (Thunderbolt compatible)

European power cord

For European customers JAPANNEXT provides type F power cord with JN-IPS3200WQHD that can be use with no adaptor in many Europeans countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Poland etc… (for use in UK or other country with different plug shape, please use plug adaptor).

More pictures

JN-IPS3200WQHD Technical specification

till now I was using FHD but was feeling it to have a bit too small work space.Anyway as high resoltuion display are very expensive I couldn't decided to buy a new one, till JAPANNEXT launched this new 4K model. Very attractive price and great features ! Working with colors wonderfully ! Epic !

Tarou-san, Cameraman, Tokyo

I pretty much choose JAPANNEXT model for it's unbeatable cost-performance. Evertyhing is pretty good and way enough for our job. Might buy another one to use at home.

Suzuki T. , Publishing Cie

Wasn't really sure till I get it how good would it be. Design was looking very good and specs also very good on paper, but you are never sure unti you get it. I'm 120% satisfied.Sshaprness, contrast, colors, everything is very good beside it's a TN, and when thinking at the price I paid for it.. ! Even the design is pretty cool with glass and metal finishing 😉

Osawa J. , Graphic Designer, Shibuya