JAPANNEXT is a Tokyo-based company with sales and administrative offices in Akihabara and product development, customer service, and logistics operations in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture.

JAPANNEXT Team Members

The JAPANNEXT team is a group of energetic, creative and dynamic people that are passionate about our company and the products we bring to our customers. We are constantly striving to improve our products and the way we work as a company.
We encourage our people to develop new and innovative ideas that help us better serve our customers thru not only our products but across their entire experience with the JAPANNEXT brand.
At JAPANNEXT we understand that people can do their best work when in an environment that fosters imagination, communication and productivity. To help bring out the best in our people we are creating work spaces that are comfortable and facilitate collaboration and innovative thinking.

Values and Culture

To be bold and innovative
as a company

Always looking to the future to enable new and innovative products.


Focus on value and quality in everything.

From product development to customer service.


Be considerate of local communities and the environment.

Putting people at the center of everything we do and the products we create.


To always act with integrity.

Be agile and flexible to respond quickly to new technology trends and market changes.


Rethink Monitors

JAPANNEXT is a Japanese company that provides quality, innovative and affordable technologies to businesses and individual consumers that blend effortlessly into their lives. We endeavor to provide products that enhance people’s lives by improving how they interact with their digital world and encourages them to be more of what they want to be. Our portfolio of products provides outstanding function and cost performance for all manner of consumers and businesses alike.

Our Foundation

We endeavor, everyday, to be a “world class company”

“Samuel Becker, the founder of JAPANNEXT, was born and raised in the Provence region of France. At the age of 10, Sam became keenly interested in Japanese pop-culture such as video games, manga and anime. Gradually his interest lead to him studying Japanese language and learning about many aspects of the country such as its culture, history, society, economy, politics, and so on.”

Samuel BeckerCEO of JAPANNEXT Co.ltd

In particular Sam was impressed with the way in which Japan produced various products. It was from around this time he began to dream of going to Japan and doing business. Sam’s first Japan homestay experience, at the age of 15, further strengthened his fascination with the country. Over the next 10 years, he visited Japan many times discovering myriad new things, while traveling alone, hitchhiking across the country. With every visit, Sam was increasingly fascinated by the beautiful and sophisticated design of Japan and their methods of product development. After graduating from a French university, he entered Keio University as a government-sponsored international student of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Sam started his first business in Japan at the age of 23. The initial company was an export business focused on Japanese gaming and electronics products. Over time the business expanded steadily to include an import business and EC sales business for the Japanese domestic market. Eventually the business grew to handle as many as 50,000 various products.

However, Sam’s desire was to, not only sell the products of other companies, but to create and sell quality products with confidence to the world. With this goal in mind, in 2016, he refocused his business and launched the “JAPANNEXT” brand and started manufacturing and selling LCD monitors.

The company name, a combination of the words “JAPAN” and “NEXT,” expresses two thoughts. First, that we want to be a Japanese company of the next generation. And second, that we also want to help nurture the next generation of Japanese.

As we look to the future, as a company, we will support the young people who will lead the next generation of Japan and all people who want to take on the challenges with all share.

“We believe everyone has value and has the potential to grow, we encourage our team to dream freely because anything is possible.”


“The key factors of our success, as a team or individual members, are happiness, satisfaction, and motivation.”

AlexBusiness developper

Our Main Achievements

February 2017
Launched the world's first 65-inch 4K curved monitor receiving high praise in both the Japan domestic and overseas markets.
August 2018
Launched our first UWHD 200Hz compatible gaming monitor in the Japanese domestic market
February 2019
Launched our first 86-inch monitor with HDR / PBP / PIP function
May 2019
JAPANNEXT releases our first portable monitor
June 2019
JAPANNEXT releases our first 24-inch 240Hz monitor
July 2020
Launched a unique spec combination IPS gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 165Hz and 1ms
February 2021
JAPANNEXT releases our first Type-C 65W power capable 4K monitor
November 2021
Launched the first HDMI 2.1 compatible 4K gaming monitor by a Japanese company